There are two ways to help HERO:

Donate to the HERO Survivor's Fund

100 percent of the money, plus earnings, donated to the HERO Survivor's Fund will benefit dependent spouses and children of municipal employees killed at work.

Donate to Houston Employee Relief Organization, HERO

Unincumbered donations to HERO will primarily be used for the survivors fund, however, a portion of those funds may be used to publicize HERO's goals.

Members of the HERO board of directors are volunteers from the Houston Business Sector and from the City of Houston. Board members receive no compensation for their time and expenses.

How to donate

  • Write a check for your chosen amount, payable to HERO, and mail it to:
    • HERO, c/o Houston Metropolitan Federal Credit Union, 608 E. Tidwell Rd., Houston, TX 77022-1820
  • Donate via credit card through PayPal or through the Houston Metropolitan Employee Federal Credit Union
  • Employees can donate through payroll deduction by participating in the city's workplace giving drive, the Combined Municipal Campaign. Sign up is during the month of October with deductions coming out January through December.